Real Energy Solutions is a leading customer acquisition company in North America. Operating in multiple states, we are at the forefront for energy solutions, for small, mid-size, and industrial businesses alike, head quartered in Houston, Texas. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, reliability and the facts.

Why We Do It

The government passed deregulation laws in order to protect consumers and give them back their power of choice, and customers have done just that. By exercising their power to choose, customers have found cost savings, stability, and peace of mind for their energy solutions.

By having the REPs compete for your business, Real Energy Solutions does the leg work for you, putting the ball back in your court with your power of choice.

Traditionally, the market has shown a track record of a gradual and steady increase. Just like the cost of a gallon of milk, or a loaf of bread, the cost of energy has continually gone up over the years.

However, there are opportune times when the market has taken a small dip before its next increase. This is the time to lock in! Many companies who are currently under contract take advantage of today’s prices and avoid the risk of having to shop the market when their contract ends in 6 months or a year from now.

A small example of the history of rate increases: Many business customers in Texas were paying 4 cents per kwh in 2002! Today, many business customers are paying in excess of 12.5 cents per kwh. That’s an increase of well over 200 percent!

The alarming part about the numbers is if history repeats itself and if forecasters projections are accurate, customers not protected today, could find them themselves paying over 20 cents per kwh in the next couple of years.

The Facts!

Businesses who properly forecast and hedge their margins today, have the peace of mind and price protection for their business for years to come.

Real Energy Solutions does the legwork for your business, delivering what others promise.